My Current Playlist

Hey, everyone! I haven't done a playlist in a while so here's my current one:
White Horse-Taylor Swift
All About That Bass-Meghan Trainor
I Bet You Don't Curse God-Christina Grimmie
Safety Dance-Glee Cast
Breathe-Taylor Swift ft. Colbie Caillat
Love Story-Taylor Swift
The Fame-Lady Gaga
Workin' On It-Meghan Trainor
Firework-Katy Perry
Freaks Like Me-Todrick Hall
Feelin' Good-Christina Grimmie
Write Your Story-Francesca Battistelli
Gold-Britt Nicole
Ready or Not-Britt Nicole
Born This Way-Lady Gaga
Tied Together With a Smile-Taylor Swift
Never Grow Up-Taylor Swift
Wolves-Selena Gomez
Scars to your Beautiful-Alessia Cara
I have to give Spotify credit for finding I loved most of these songs. I mean, I don't even watch Glee. And I never thought I'd like Lady Gaga's songs. Anyway, what's on your playlist?

10 Things That Make Me Happy Tag

Hi, everyone. Madi nominated me for this [go check out her new blog Adventure’s in the Air if you haven’t already]. I’ll leave a link at the end of the post. [Image credit to Weez at] The Rules List 10 Things That Make You Happy Tag 10 People Who Make You Happy Really, that’s it? Huh, let’s get started! Creating 90% of my time I’m doing something creative. If I had to pick a favorite it would be acting [yes, that is very creative]. I practice it every day. I really, really love drawing, painting, writing, blogging, photography, and video making as well. And acting. Which I already said. Even picking out my outfits for the day. Movies/TV *dies* *comes back to life* *dies again* GUYS I HAVE SO MANY FAVORITE MOVIES AND TV SHOWS IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY! I dare you, reader, to ask me what are my favorite movies/TV shows. Seriously. I’m crazy about them….and I actually kinda like movies better than books. This isn’t to say I don’t like books. Also, don’t kill me. An…

An Untold Truth, Chapter Fourteen: Emerald Eyes

‘’What is it?’’ Jacob asked, concerned. She sighed. ‘’Well, first of all Michael knows.’’ ‘’He does?’’ Jacob asked.  ‘’I kind of accidently told him,’’ Carla said, embarrassed. ‘’Well, it’s okay,’’ Jacob said, squeezing her hand. Carla leaned up against Jacob, nuzzling him. ‘’Where are we going?’’ she asked. ‘’To see an old friend of mine,’’ Jacob said. ‘’Okay,’’ she nodded. ‘’And who is this old friend?’’ ‘’You’ll find out,’’ Jacob said. ‘’Will I like this surprise?’’ she asked. ‘’Hopefully,’’ Jacob said. ‘’Hmm,’’ she said, snuggling as close as her seatbelt would allow. ‘’Are you guys always this mushy?’’ Cathenna asked. ‘’Pretty much,’’ Jacob said. ‘’Oh, by the way, how are you, Carla?’’ ‘’Fine,’’ she said. ‘’I could definitely be better, but I’ve been feeling slightly less nauseous.’’ ‘’Good,’’ Jacob said. ‘’How do you think the baby’s doing?’’ ‘’Pretty good, actually,’’ she said. ‘’It’s a little hard to tell.’’ Jacob wrapped his arms around her, and she leaned against him.  ‘’Okay, I think we’re her…